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MÓC Writing is up and running !

Micheál is pleased to announce the grand restructure of MOC Writing. 

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Construction Zone Ahead

I’d first like to thank everyone for a successful debut of my first book, “Five Words.” I’ve had such an amazing time working on this project and have undertaken a MUCH larger project in my second book.Image

MOC and Micheál Ó Coinn are undergoing a major reconstruction. From a new website to a second book, there are a great deal of exciting things on the way. For now, you can comfortably continue to follow me at the following sites:

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Five Words Book Tour

On friday, 18 January, MÓC will begin the Five Words book tour in The Waterford Book Centre.

This is a family friendly event to bring families together and start the new year right. Relaxing and passionately insightful early evening to roll you into the weekend and the new year with a smile.

Be sure to invite your friends and family to a free night out and the opportunity to meet local Waterford author, Micheál Ó Coinn. There will be wine, books to purchase for half off, and a signing afterwards.

This is me; This is who I am

For years, I’ve tried being someone that other wanted me to be. I lost my true identity and didn’t recognise myself any more. I lost faith in myself and what I was doing here.

A handful of good friends provided me with opportunities to live and to rediscover myself (special thanks to one of my best friends, Ryan Cantzler!) I was able to rediscover that which was buried deep inside; my passion for writing.

I am a writer, an artist of written language. It is not a glorious position but it keeps me alive. It allows me to occasionally reach out to someone and touch their soul with literary salve for the troubled soul; and that is enough for me. 

I’m constantly asked if I am going to be or want to be rich. My answer is and has always been, no. Money made above what provides for my family goes to help others in anyway I can: donations to charities, helping someone else on the rise and any other way that can be beneficial to others.

This is me; This is who I am

Micheál Ó Coinn

Pat McDermott Book Blog Interview – Five Words

Pat McDermott Book Blog Interview – Five Words

A wonderful exposition of who I am and what ‘Five Words’ is all about.


A great many sports refer to heart as the ferocity to win and an even greater unwillingness to lose. Boxing, mixed martial arts, football and so many other sports, claim to utilise it, but what about artists? The painter, musician, writer and even more specifically the poet: do they not posses the same attributes that qualify for “heart?”

Artists of all genres are know to suffer their entire lives through only to achieve fame and success posthumously. Is their longevity of career path not heart? Does their unwillingness to give up on their dream not qualify as heart? It is my belief that artists have greater heart than any sports related individual. It is daily persecution of lifestyle choice and critiques that devastate so many; driving some, to an early grave. Heart, it is the desire to succeed and an even greater unwillingness to fail.


Long awaited, my debut poetry collection, ‘Five Words’, launches Monday. All orders placed before then get hand signed and personalised by my self. It is a charity shared venture with 10% of all sales going to Lupus research and funding via Lupus UK in memory of long time friend, Nicole Land.

This is a collection to indulge by the blazing hearth with a steamy drink titillating the senses in the darkened hours of the eve as much as it will engage the reader on an autumnal beach or a park bench.