With my words I paint: ageless serenity, rousing philosophy, controversial observation and dynamic panoramas. From my imagination and observation are glorified moments of life, captured, colored and transcribed from the blood of my pen, in which all the world may basque and bathe.


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  • J Richard Knapp

    I am the publisher of the International Bully Prevention EZine. This ‘free’ publication is emailed out monthly to thousands of people both in this country and internationally. We are constantly searching for excellent articles and authors on the topic of bullying and bully prevention. One of our goals is to invite more people of the arts such as artists, poets, etc. to contribute their work.

    Please note that none of our contributing authors/artists on the magazine are paid for their work. Instead, we offer excellent publicity and links to your website or blog. In addition, I offer additional recognition on my own personal website, Twitter, Facebook, and presentations.

    It would be a pleasure and honor to feature your work in our magazine and have you connected with us to bring this devastating behavior to an end.

    You are encouraged to visit our website, check us out, ask me questions, and notify us as soon as possible of your decision. The following is a link to our most recent magazine:


    Thank you for considering this opportunity.


    J Richard Knapp

    KnappStory Media, CEO
    International Bully Prevention E-Zine, Publisher

  • mocwriting


    It would be my pleasure to contribute in anyway I can. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you may have at, doclupus1@gmail.com or via my Facebook at, http://www.facebook.com/quinn227.

    Best wishes,

    Micheál O’Coinn

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