This is me; This is who I am

For years, I’ve tried being someone that other wanted me to be. I lost my true identity and didn’t recognise myself any more. I lost faith in myself and what I was doing here.

A handful of good friends provided me with opportunities to live and to rediscover myself (special thanks to one of my best friends, Ryan Cantzler!) I was able to rediscover that which was buried deep inside; my passion for writing.

I am a writer, an artist of written language. It is not a glorious position but it keeps me alive. It allows me to occasionally reach out to someone and touch their soul with literary salve for the troubled soul; and that is enough for me. 

I’m constantly asked if I am going to be or want to be rich. My answer is and has always been, no. Money made above what provides for my family goes to help others in anyway I can: donations to charities, helping someone else on the rise and any other way that can be beneficial to others.

This is me; This is who I am

Micheál Ó Coinn


About mocwriting

With my words I paint: ageless serenity, rousing philosophy, controversial observation and dynamic panoramas. From my imagination and observation are glorified moments of life, captured, colored and transcribed from the blood of my pen, in which all the world may basque and bathe. View all posts by mocwriting

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