A great many sports refer to heart as the ferocity to win and an even greater unwillingness to lose. Boxing, mixed martial arts, football and so many other sports, claim to utilise it, but what about artists? The painter, musician, writer and even more specifically the poet: do they not posses the same attributes that qualify for “heart?”

Artists of all genres are know to suffer their entire lives through only to achieve fame and success posthumously. Is their longevity of career path not heart? Does their unwillingness to give up on their dream not qualify as heart? It is my belief that artists have greater heart than any sports related individual. It is daily persecution of lifestyle choice and critiques that devastate so many; driving some, to an early grave. Heart, it is the desire to succeed and an even greater unwillingness to fail.


About mocwriting

With my words I paint: ageless serenity, rousing philosophy, controversial observation and dynamic panoramas. From my imagination and observation are glorified moments of life, captured, colored and transcribed from the blood of my pen, in which all the world may basque and bathe. View all posts by mocwriting

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